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No More Heroes

No More Heroes.jpg

Blood Runs Deep in the Northern Streets.

After a year in psychiatric care, Detective Inspector Erasmus Bukowski is finally on the mend. But when a body surfaces on the cliffs of his hometown, he faces an impossible choice: stay safe in recovery or risk his mental health to solve the case?

Still haunted by the unsolved disappearance of a young girl, Bukowski knows he can't walk away. Secrecy and lies have poisoned his family for generations. To uncover the truth, he'll have to dig deep into his own psyche and the dark underbelly of the streets he once called home.

With his career and sanity on the line, Bukowski quickly learns that the deadliest demons lurk within. He must first confront the memories lurking in his mind to catch a killer. And failure could mean a fate far worse than death.

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