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Ella and the Elementals

Elementals - High Resolution.jpg

Twelve-year-old Ella Finn’s parents have disappeared.

So she’s sent from London to Teesside to live with her aunt and uncle, the Twists. But Ella’s new family hate her, especially her three cousins. Feeling lonely at home and school, Ella’s only friends are the animals in the barn where she sleeps at night.

That’s until she discovers a mystery house on the cliffs that only she can see. Inside the house, Ella finds the Book of All Life, a magical tome that brings mythological creatures called Elementals to Earth.

These Elementals can heal human illness and fix climate change. And maybe they can help Ella find her missing parents.

But when her horrible cousins learn about the book, Ella has to prevent them from using it to control all the adults in their town.

And she has to stop an Elemental Goddess from destroying the world.

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