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The Final Girl

The Final Girl - Kindle - High Resolution - Copy.jpg

Astrid Snow is a woman of mass distraction.

London was in Astrid Snow’s bones, pulsing through her veins and living in her flesh. She loved the rush of people, the buses and cars honking at each other, the aroma of fried food as she walked through the streets. Even the dirt and pollution were like familiar friends to her.

But now London had swallowed up the only family she had.

Astrid’s sister, Courtney and niece, Olivia, are missing. The police are no help, so Astrid’s search takes her deep into her past and the criminal underworld she left behind long ago. Following a trail through gangsters, gang members, and people traffickers, Astrid journeys out of the country to a remote community that might be a cult. The only thing that matters to Astrid is finding Olivia. Courtney’s fate is less important, considering they’ve hated each other all their lives.

But might Astrid have to sacrifice her sister to save her niece?

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