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Inspector Flowers Collection Books 1-4

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The Hashtag Killer

DI Jen Flowers thought she’d seen it all after fifteen years on the force, but when a vigilante serial killer hits the city and uses social media to gather supporters, she must fight the public and her doubts to catch a murderer and save her daughter.

Suffering from blackouts and abandoned as a child by her father, Ruby Vasquez has been chasing that one scoop to make her an internet star. Living with an alcoholic mother who hates her, Ruby discovers a secret about the vigilante’s first victim, which puts her in the killer and DI Flowers’ sights.

Jen and Ruby have to overcome the secrets in their past while battling each other to discover the Hashtag Killer’s identity. Jen will have to choose between keeping her daughter safe or finding a killer, while Ruby will need to decide if becoming famous is more important than doing the right thing.

Serial Killer

A murderer stalks the streets of London, and DI Jen Flowers is the Met’s go-to detective for the crimes. But Flowers is already working on a murder case, and the distractions in her personal life leave her little time for a new investigation.

When the serial killer starts sending her letters about the crimes and taunting the police, Jen has to take the case. The stakes increase when the British Home Secretary gets involved.

Every murder leads to another letter as the killer plays a game with the police and focuses on Jen. The pressure grows to solve the case, and she turns to alcohol and a new romance as a release.

As the killer stalks the city and torments the police, DI Flowers resorts to desperate measures to catch a murderer and keep her family together.

Night Killer

A teenage girl is murdered outside the London Dungeon, and DI Jen Flowers assumes it’s just another of the city’s daily crimes. But when a series of audio tapes with clues to the girl’s killer is discovered hidden around London, Jen realises there’s more to the crime than another random murder.

With the discovery of each new tape, Jen learns about the murdered girl’s life and her journey into London’s hidden underbelly. Jen is soon drawn into the city’s secret world of runaways and underground clubs.

Jen struggles to catch the murderer while dealing with issues at home. Her teenage daughter Abbey wants to join a rock band, while a dark shadow from Jen’s past hovers on the horizon.

For DI Jen Flowers, finding a killer may prove easier than dealing with her family problems.

The Killer Inside Them

What is justice? If the police and the legal system failed you, how far would you go to make things right?

A serial killer is burning people alive in London. But these are no random murders – there is a method in the madness. Ten years ago, events were set in motion which led to these crimes, and now past secrets need uncovering before the police can stop the killer.

Detective Inspector Jen Flowers has her own secrets to face, including a meeting with her former husband and a reconnection with the mother who’d never loved her. So tracking a serial killer is the last thing she needs – especially when Jen’s teenage daughter starts questioning who her father is.

Secrets and lies combine in Jen’s personal and professional life, so she has to get inside the mind of a murderer while facing the hidden truth about her own childhood.

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