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The Killer Inside Them

The Killer Inside Them - High Resolution.jpg

What is justice? If the police and the legal system failed you, how far would you go to make things right?

A serial killer is burning people alive in London. But these are no random murders – there is a method in the madness. Ten years ago, events were set in motion which led to these crimes, and now past secrets need uncovering before the police can stop the killer.

Detective Inspector Jen Flowers has her own secrets to face, including a meeting with her former husband and a reconnection with the mother who’d never loved her. So tracking a serial killer is the last thing she needs – especially when Jen’s teenage daughter starts questioning who her father is.

Secrets and lies combine in Jen’s personal and professional life, so she has to get inside the mind of a murderer while facing the hidden truth about her own childhood.

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