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An Astrid Snow Short Story Collection


A teenage Astrid runs away from home.

Tomorrow Never Knows

Astrid chaperones a rookie on their first Agency assignment.

Toiler on the Sea

A cruise doesn’t go as planned.

The Woman in Red

An encounter in the park turns into a mysterious day out.

Call Me

Picking up the wrong mobile phone at the gym leads Astrid into the life of a harassed woman, one she can’t leave until the perpetrator is made to pay for their crimes.

Barbarism Begins at Home

Searching for a lost child leads Astrid into the murky world of professional criminals.

Dark Snow

Astrid rescues a teenage girl from a late-night predator. This event drags her into the world of people trafficking – a world that reaches the very top of British society. And no amount of power and privilege will stop her from exposing the guilty.

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